Camp Dreamtree
Spring Break Experience

Explore another world . . . one that is close to ours, but not ours: Camp Dreamtree. Filled with adventurous activities for families of campers ages 5+, the Camp Dreamtree Spring Break Experience, from March 8–21, 2021, is a virtual art camp that offers your very own DreamScout Kit, online videos and downloadables, augmented reality (AR) interaction, and a live Jamboree with Camp Dreamtree’s founding artists!

DreamScout kits are sold out, but you can still use household items to participate in free daily activities involving earning badges, making crafts, sharing stories, and interacting with the wise and colorful Izimbra from the comfort of your own backyard. Click here to RSVP for the free online Jamboree.

Camp Dreamtree is all about living in the present moment, being kind to those around you, and practicing respect for wonder. It is through wonder that we see the world with curiosity, and it is through respect for wonder that we see ourselves as part of this world—small, but part of the whole. Instagram: @campdreamtree

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Camp Details

Augmented Reality

Camp Dreamtree has always been about another world, and AR allows that other world to enter ours! Working with Hoverlay and Scottsdale Public Art to create an augmented reality portion of Camp Dreamtree provides greater accessibility for the public to interact with the world of Crystal Burn and its inhabitants—the most special one being Izimbra. She is a 16-foot-tall, yellow cone who speaks and laughs and dreams. She is the first friend that our founder, Evan Stevens, meets when he arrives in Crystal Burn. She introduces him to the snakes, they share tales of their lives, and they strike a friendship that bonds our two worlds for generations to come. Camp Dreamtree is about acting with a respect for wonder, making new friends, and sharing your stories.

Camp Dreamtree Jamboree

With your complimentary Camp Dreamtree DreamScout bandana, join Izimbra and other DreamScouts to take the pledge and practice leather stamping for your bandana slide.

Camp Activities

Paper Hats (ages 3+ with parental assistance)

Learn how to decorate and fold a paper hat as you follow along with the Camp Dreamtree artists.

Postcard Project (All ages)

Join us in sharing your first memory, just like our founders, Evan and Izimbra! Write your first memory on the postcard provided in your DreamScout Kit and drop it in the mail to a friend or family member.

Upcycled Journal Field Guides (ages 10+) 

Take a recycled Scottsdale Public Library book and turn it into a creative field guide to record all your latest adventures!

Welcome To Camp Dreamtree!

I pledge to be kind, present, and to hold high respect for wonder. 

I will remember that I am small, but I am part of the whole.  

That is the DreamScout Pledge, and if you say it with me, we can enter a new world: a world like ours, but not ours—a world full of snakes and houses that speak and plants that can see! Camp Dreamtree is an art installation in the shape of a camp, deep within the Fireweather Forest in the land of Crystal Burn. Within this camp, you will discover the history of our time in this new world; the friendship of our founder, Evan Stevens, with an unlikely partner; and be given the opportunity to complete your tasks and earn your badge. Camp Dreamtree is all about living in the present moment, being kind to those around you, and practicing respect for wonder. It is through wonder that we see the world with curiosity, and it is through respect for wonder that we see ourselves as part of this world—small, but part of the whole.

Join the artists for a live Zoom event where you will take the DreamScout Pledge, earn your badges, and learn how to make leather slides for your very own bandana!

LIVE EVENT: Camp Dreamtree Jamboree

Live Zoom event: Saturday, March 13, 2021, at 3:00 p.m. All ages welcome! Link provided with RSVP.

About the Artists: Fireweather Studio

Roy Wasson Valle 

Roy Wasson Valle was born in Mexico and lived there until, at the age of 11, his family moved to Arizona. In 2003, he received a bachelor of fine arts in sculpture from Arizona State University. He has since participated in several group and individual shows locally. He is married to artist/educator Koryn Woodward Wasson. They have two daughters. Roy and Koryn created Camp Dreamtree, an interactive art camp installation, in 2014 at the Scottsdale Public Library. They have made two additional installation shows, Fireweather and Bird Cloud Island, which Koryn directed. He makes work that ranges from flat images to full-scale construction and is always trying out new media. Roy finished a graduate degree at Arizona State University in December 2019. While at the university, he was involved with a large installation project through the university’s Interplanetary Initiative, converting an empty trailer into a speculative Mars surface habitat. This project became a main component of his thesis work and final exhibit, Mars Made: Retroforms, which was produced with his partner and construction team. Instagram: @fireweatherstudio

Koryn Woodward Wasson 

Koryn Woodward Wasson is a local teaching artist who lives and works in Phoenix, Arizona, with her husband, Roy Wasson Valle. They create large-scale, interactive installation public artwork. Their work deals in parallel universes and wonder-based narratives. Her work, in watercolor and ink, centers around storytelling, regarding her everyday interactions with the natural world and her relationships with those around her. Together they are raising two little girls, who fill their days with wonder and adventure. Instagram: @kwoodwass

Fireweather Studio

In 2014, Roy Wasson Valle and Koryn Woodward Wasson were given the opportunity to bring Camp Dreamtree to the Scottsdale Civic Center Library, an installation that brought the parallel world of Crystal Burn and a high respect for wonder into being. Roy was the driving force behind the magic and wonder that is Crystal Burn, Camp Dreamtree, and Fireweather. He is responsible for the overarching look and design of the world of Crystal Burn; the stories were told to him, and therefore he is the guardian of the appearance of the world. Roy’s unique vision for a space in which wonder is honored above all else—and the essential observation of being looked at while looking—is what makes him special. Koryn has become a lover of birds on her adventures through Crystal Burn and is responsible for maintaining a cohesive narrative for Fireweather and the projects herein. She is proud to be witness to this portal and the amazing opportunity it provides. Roy and Koryn are parents to Cora Rae and Xochi Keen, the greatest inspirations of wonder. Website: