August 4, 2020

Quarantini and Paint Night with Arizona Artist Kayla Newnam

Last week’s LIVE Quarantini and Paint Night with Phoenix-based artist Kayla Newnam was a welcome break from my Netflix-binging, baking, and work-from-home routine. 

Kayla Newnam
Local artist Kayla Newnam is known for her bright and colorful murals and paintings. Photo: Courtesy Kayla Newnam.

First, I set up my studio with all the supplies. Being a painter, I already had a lot of the materials on hand, but other participants who didn’t have supplies at home received personalized art kits that were sent out prior to the event.

Just some of the supplies needed for the live paint night. Photo: Scottsdale Arts.

Second, before things got going, I made myself a quarantini cocktail from the recipe that was crafted by the Scottsdale Arts events team. I asked my husband to make it because everyone knows a cocktail tastes way better when someone else makes it for you.

Next, I logged into the event. The class was conducted via Zoom, and I know what you’re all saying: “But I already spend so much time in front of a screen; why would I want to do this for fun?” I have to say, this wasn’t at all like your typical Zoom meeting. It was so much fun to listen to Kayla’s tips, follow along with her while she took us through the step-by-step process of the painting, and see all the others’ works in progress. Also, what makes this better than an in-person class is we got to virtually visit Kayla’s studio! It’s not every day you get to see an artist’s space where her creativity happens.  

This is the Kayla Newnam’s original artwork that she taught everyone how to paint during the workshop.

ICYMI, here are the supplies needed to create your own Kayla-inspired cactus painting: 

Acrylic paint colors: 

  • Dark medium blue (phthalo blue) 
  • Titanium white  
  • Deep red (naphthol red)  
  • Brilliant magenta (quinacridone magenta)  
  • Cherry red (cadmium red deep) 
  • Yellow (cadmium yellow) 

Canvas and brushes: 

  • Canvas Panel (9″ x 12”) 
  • Filbert 8  
  • Flat 4  
  • Round 4  

At-home supplies: 

  • Sharpie 
  • Pencil 
  • Paper towels 
  • Water cup for paint 
  • Cardboard or a plastic disposable plate (for palette use) 
  • Tablecloth* 
  • Paint clothes* 

*Acrylic paint is a semi-to-permanent paint and is difficult, if not impossible, to remove from surfaces and clothing. It can cause permanent damage. If you do have a paint accident, act quickly for your best chances to remove and clean. 

The five photos above show artist Kayla Newnam demonstrating how to paint one of her original artworks. Zoom screen captures: Scottsdale Arts.

If you’re feeling bummed about missing this, no worries! We will have many more workshops coming this fall. Be sure to join our newsletter so you can nab your seat at the next event. Until then, stay safe, and happy creating.

Finished and nearly finished paintings by Quarantini and Paint Night participants. Zoom screen capture: Scottsdale Arts.

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