Building bridges of international understanding and goodwill, the Scottsdale Sister Cities Association (SSCA) serves as citizen ambassadors, creating networks and partnerships with eight sister cities around the world. Student programs at local high schools include International Clubs, the Youth Ambassador Exchange Program, Junior Board, Foreign Language Immersion Partnerships, Student Leadership Conferences, and Student Art Exchanges. Through these programs and other educational, cultural, and business exchanges, SSCA aims to promote peace through mutual respect, understanding, and cooperation—one individual, one community at a time.  

MISSION — To promote the City of Scottsdale and the Scottsdale Sister Cities Association, Inc., as ambassadors of international friendship and goodwill. The mission is accomplished through programs such as student, educational, cultural and economic development exchanges, which create long-term international partnerships. 


Scottsdale Artists’ School, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization, was founded in 1983 by a group of dedicated artists and community leaders who had a vision and desire to provide fundamental art training to those with an interest and passion for art. Located in the downtown Scottsdale Arts District, the Spanish Colonial Revival Style building is listed on the City of Scottsdale’s Historic Register. It was constructed in 1928, and was home to the city’s second grammar school, Loloma Elementary. The School offers over 200 fine art programs throughout the year for professional and amateur artists, and includes an innovative Youth and Teen Academy. Scottsdale Artists’ School serves as a cornerstone resource in the community with a diverse array of outreach and community programming. The School’s local and visiting instructors include many of the nation’s leading artists, who are experienced and dedicated to their craft. 

MISSION — Scottsdale Artists’ School is dedicated to the artistic enrichment of the community and to developing the capabilities of artists and aspiring artists of all ages by teaching the applied fundamentals of fine art. 


President, Scottsdale Sister Cities Association, Inc.  

The 2020 theme of Sister Cities International’s Young Artists and Authors Showcase competition, chosen many, many months ago, could not be more timely or applicable: “One World: Out of Many, We Are One.” 

In these challenging and stressful times of COVID-19, finding a silver lining is ever more important to everyone.  This exhibition is indeed one of those “silver linings.”  For many years, Scottsdale Sister Cities Association (SSCA) has participated in this competition for students ages 13–18.  This year’s competition attracted the work of some of Scottsdale’s amazing and talented artists.  In previous years, these submissions were exhibited at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts. 

Out of the response to COVID-19 blossomed this exciting, first online exhibition of the student’s artwork through the partnership between Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation, Scottsdale Artists’ School, and Scottsdale Sister Cities Association. We want to thank the students, their art instructors, the boards of all three organizations, and the dedicated, talented staff and coordinators from all three organizations who dreamed this exhibition into being.  We hope this it brings joy and sunshine into your day.   


Vice President, Scottsdale Sister Cities Association, Inc.

Scottsdale Artists’ School Youth & Outreach Director  

Welcome to the 32nd Annual Young Artists and Authors Showcase, themed this year as “One World: Out of Many, We Are One” by Sister Cities International, Inc. Students were asked to explore creative ways that we can create peace and understanding through international friendship and goodwill. Thirty-nine young artists from Scottsdale high schools joined us in this visual conversation, expressing thoughts and ideas through their unique artistic skill sets. Together, they have created a showcase that helps lead the way for people to find empathy and connection to others all around the world. Their insights have colorfully demonstrated many ways in which we truly are one world, that we are many, and mostly, we are one.  

Congratulations go out to each and every participant for this considerable achievement. Jury selections were made based on the following criteria: creativity in exploring the theme, uniqueness in style and expression, technical merit, and expression of the mission of Sister Cities. 

Special Thanks:  

Participating teachers for their mentorship of young creatives in the world of art:  

  • Marcy Warner, Chaparral High School 
  • Michelle Peacock, Saguaro High School 
  • Caralee McGraw, Coronado High School  

Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation for their partnership and support:  

  • Brittany Arnold, teen & family coordinator/ArtReach Space curator 
  • Natalie Marsh, director of Learning & Innovation 
  • Brian Passey, senior communications specialist 

Scottsdale Artists’ School for their partnership and support  

Professional Jury Members:  

  • Devon Meyer, nature watercolor artist  
  • Julian Miranda, contemporary painter  
  • Trudy Hays, executive director of Scottsdale Artists’ School 


Scottsdale Artists’ School, Executive Director 

As executive director of Scottsdale Artists’ School, I had the honor of being one of the judges for the Sister Cities Young Artists and Authors Showcase. First of all, I want to say congratulations to all of you wonderful young artists. Your work was amazing, and we had a very tough time deciding on the award winners. We could see that each piece was unique and had its own very special meaning—all well done. Kudos to all of you! Congratulations and a special high five to the outstanding award winners! Keep up the good work, and keep that creative spirit going; we need it now more than ever. Take care.