Mr. Jeffrey

Sound and Vibration

Lesson description

Part 1:
Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Understanding sound as vibration through exploration of the triangle.
  • Experiment with of the concept of duration, i.e., long vs. short.
Part 2:
Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Be able to identify long and short sounds.
  • Learn that some instruments sound like other things (timbre).

Lesson Resources

Artist Bio

Jeffrey Sadow

Musician, Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

Since 1980, Jeffrey has worked with children in the Phoenix-metro area. He has worked 17 of the last 22 years in the classrooms as a Wolf Trap artist. In 2004, he released “In My Garden,” an original children’s CD. And for 22 years, he has served as a music specialist in two Valley schools.

Jeffrey has always enjoyed teaching young children with the basic elements of music (rhythm,  itch/tone, dynamics, tempo, timbre) in mind, all of which directly pertains to learning and pre-academics. In recent years, he has incorporated more STEM Arts learning into the Wolf Trap curriculum, with a particular emphasis on math and science.