Rosy Mack

Movement and Emotions

Lesson description

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Demonstrate emotional body language and face expressions.
  • Follow directional words, e.g., front, back, up, down, etc.
  • Follow movement quality words, e.g.,sharp, soft, fast, slow, big, small, etc.

Lesson Resources

Artist Bio

Rosy Mack

Dancer, Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

As a native of Arizona, Rosy Mack is passionate about strengthening the vibrancy of art in her hometown of Scottsdale. Her teaching style combines dance therapy, mindfulness, and creative movement to help students connect with one another and build a compassionate community through art. Rosy has been a Wolf Trap teaching artist since 2018, but she can also be seen around the Valley with her outreach program, Jubilee Mindfulness, or her performing arts company, Ignite

Jubilee Mindfulness combines mindfulness practice, creative arts therapies, and STEAM concepts to help students in schools practice self-control, emotional regulation, and compassion through artistic activities. Jubilee works with both typical students and students with special needs to help them build community within their classrooms.

When not teaching as a dance artist with Wolf Trap or running the Jubilee Mindfulness program, Rosy is the artistic director of Ignite Collaborative, a female-led 501(c)3 performing arts company with the mission to build community through movement. Rosy serves as a dancer, choreographer, director, and producer for Ignite Collaborative’s productions, which are recognized for strong storytelling, diversity in casting and movement style, and the ability to leave the audience with a thought-provoking message. Ignite performs for diverse audiences in unique venues year-round, from public events
like Phoenix First Fridays to art galleries like Alwun House to full-scale productions at Tempe Center for the Arts.