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Group Exhibition

Socially Distanced

Sep 24, 2021 - Jan 9, 2022

Socially Distanced highlights work created by 17 artists during the pandemic. These works correlate findings by The Cooperation in the Apocalypse research team at Arizona State University that describes social behaviors during isolation.


It’s human nature to respond to crises with an outpouring of support for one another, sharing resources, advice, and protection. However, in the case of a pandemic, the best way to support one another is often to keep our distance. This exhibition looks at how we are reconciling this emotional dilemma. 

The Cooperation in the Apocalypse research team at Arizona State University uses science and scholarship to understand human behavior in times of crisis. Their current research explores how our views of cooperation—an activity shared for mutual benefit of self and others—and perceived interdependence have changed and what the long-term effects will be from this unprecedented time of global isolation. Their results have shown that as the pandemic unfolded, people increasingly felt that they and their neighbors “rose and fell together.” At the same time, however, the threats associated with the pandemic led many people to want to steer clear of their neighbors. These somewhat contradictory findings are echoed in the works included in this exhibition. 

Socially Distanced highlights the work of 17 artists from Arizona, Colorado, and New Mexico. Their works reflect empathy and compassion for others and reveal coping strategies—such as finding sanctuary in isolation, using humor to diffuse negativity, and meditating to help process feelings of uncertainty.  

Socially Distanced is a curatorial collaboration between Laura Hales, curator of learning and innovation at Scottsdale Arts, and Pamela Winfrey, a member of The Cooperation in the Apocalypse research team at Arizona State University. 



Question of the Week


“I am more likely to want to help my friends during the pandemic.”


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The exhibition is on view in the Center Space gallery inside Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts, 7380 E 2nd St. Click here for current hours at the Center.


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