Use your imagination and creative spark to shift your perspective while exploring contemporary art. Rewind to the past or fastforward to the future. Peer through a magnifying glass or gaze through a telescope. Examine an object, landscape, or system. Look through another person’s eyes. By imagining difference and considering alternative perspectives, students will put into play skills of critical thinking, adaptability, and empathy-building as they dynamically connect with and respond to contemporary art. Take an imaginative leap and join our learning and engagement specialists on this interactive 40-minute virtual field trip to SMoCA.   

This program addresses the following Arizona Visual Arts Standards for grades 5–12: 

  • Responding Anchor Standard #7 – Identify and analyze visual characteristics and cultural associations that influence ideas, emotions, actions, and worldviews. 
  • Responding Anchor Standard #8 – Interpret Intent and Meaning in Artistic Work 
    Interpret art by analyzing elements and principles of modern art, visual characteristics of diverse cultures, use of media, contextual information, and/or social issues in contemporary art. 
  • Responding Anchor Standard #9 – Apply Criteria to Evaluate Artistic Work 
    Develop and apply relevant historical and cultural criteria to evaluate a work of art, exploring how these criteria differ from personal preference. 

This program also applies the following core disciplinary skills in history and social science: 

  • Identify, compare, and evaluate multiple perspectives to draw conclusions 
  • Utilize multiple perspectives for comprehensive explanations 

In addition, the following social emotional learning competencies will also be engaged: 

  • Self-awareness, or the ability to identify emotions, thoughts, and values 
  • Social awareness, or the ability to value others’ perspectives and/or to empathize with others 

Alt+Shift launched in October 2020. The program is offered Monday – Wednesday using a virtual format. 

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