SmART Integration is a classroom-based, curriculum-focused residency program that targets learning academic standards through the arts. Hands-on experiences allow students to creatively explore their world, collaboratively ideate, and imagine solutions to current and future problems. The results are enduring understanding and increased student engagement. Select from one of the residencies below.   

Activate Learning

Students embody learning when lessons include kinesthetic learning strategies, such as tableau and movement. By choreographing movement sequences to music, students will have fun engaging classroom content and demonstrating understanding. Activate Learning can be adapted to a variety of subjects, including science, English language arts, and social studies. 

Grades: 1 and up  
Length: five 50-minute sessions   
Cost: $500 

Composer in the Classroom

When students synthesize text through music, they gain literary comprehension while building confidence that anyone can be a composer. Professional musicians guide students to explore how sounds convey meaning and songs tell stories. The experience culminates with performances of original music inspired by a classroom text.   

Grades: 4 and up
Length: five 50-minute sessions
Fee: $500

Picturing Story

Pictures come to life as students read illustrations by deciphering narratives conveyed through composition, images, and colors. By the conclusion of this five-day residency, each student will create a picture dictionary and storyboard to inspire recall and retell of a classroom text. 

Length: five 50-minute sessions
Grades: 3 and up
Fee: $500

Poetry: Personal to Performance

Professional poetry and spoken word artists engage students in writing that supports positive self-image and builds a strong classroom community. Students will connect with poetry by identifying literary devices in pop music lyrics and uplifting words of contemporary writers.    

Grades: 6 and up
Length: five 50-minute sessions
Fee: $500

Visual Arts

Guided by professional artists, students are mentored in visual arts methods and techniques to create unique work that culminates in an exhibition in the ArtReach Space at Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts.  

Grades: 7 and up
Length: 50-minute sessions over four to eight weeks 
Cost: $1,250

SmART Integration residencies are supported by Betty Hum and Alan Yudell, Nationwide, Salt River PIma-Maricopa Indian Community, and Thunderbirds Charities.