Jeff Jones

The Pony Ride

Lesson description

Take students on an imaginary trip to the farm where they will embark on an exciting pony ride.

Learning Objectives

Students will:

  • Name animals found on a farm.
  • Use listening skills to follow directions.
  • Increase fine and gross motor skills through movement.

Lesson Resources

Artist Bio

Jeff Jones

Musician – Saxophonist
Wolf Trap Teaching Artist

Jeff Jones has been a Wolf Trap teaching artist for more than 30 years and was a teaching artist for Arizona Commission on the Arts from 2003–2010.

He earned a bachelor of arts in elementary education from Ottawa University and a music endorsement from the State of Arizona Education Department.

Jeff has also been a professional saxophonist and musician in Phoenix since 1980 and continues to perform in the United States and China with various groups, as well as teaching English and music in China every summer since 2007. He also taught music at Zuni Elementary School from 1996–2002.

“I love having a chance to travel and learn about the traditions of China and have an opportunity to meet people and students and act as an ambassador using music and language as a bridge to understanding. I also feel very lucky to have found my place in the arts and education. My career has led me on a path to the other side of the world and back.”

— Jeff Jones