Education kits include arts-integrated lesson plans to support a broad range of curriculum connections in the classroom. Booking dates are pre-determined.

Art Robots Kit

Can a robot create art? Students will learn the importance of creativity and working as a team through the engineering design process in this student-led learning experience. The Art Robots Kit comes complete with all materials necessary for eight groups of students to build and customize their own Art Robot. The program is designed for 10 sessions during 45-minute class periods. PowerPoint presentations are provided to help guide the lesson. Lessons will introduce daily guiding questions that lead to hands-on activities. The project will culminate with the completion of functional Art Robots. 

  • Grades: 6–12
  • Length: 10 days, one hour per day
  • Up to 30 students
  • Cost: $50 for three-week rental

“I learned that when you really try to be creative, then the best will come out. Also, when multiple people are working together, their creativity expands!”   

— Greenway Middle School student

Hope Chest 

Remembering the Holocaust takes students on an immersive journey through one young man’s harrowing experiences during the Holocaust.