Your Life is a Gift that is one of a kind.
Love, respect, and hope,
Always keep those three in mind!

-Ruzia & Leopold Knoblauch

Hope Chest curriculum takes students on an immersive journey through one young man’s harrowing experiences during the Holocaust. On the morning of September 1, 1939, 13-year-old Oskar recalls the sounds of German bombers flying low over the rooftops, releasing destruction on Kraków’s railway station and buildings throughout the city. This was the beginning of the “war whose effects would be felt throughout the world for many decades to come.” Oskar Knoblauch’s autobiography, A Boy’s Story, A Man’s Memory: Remembering the Holocaust 1933–1945, tells the story of his family’s struggle to survive by working together and guided by lessons of respect, hope, and giving 110%. Designed to meet English language arts (grades 7–12) and social studies standards (world history), Hope Chest will engage students in powerful themes relevant to their lives through arts-integrated strategies, critical thinking interactives, and relevant journal prompts. 


Oskar Knoblauch’s story is an emotional tale of holding onto hope against all odds that will engage and inspire. 

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Hope Chest lessons include a variety of interactives, including Socratic seminar, tableau, photo analysis, and six-word story to build 21st century learning skills.  

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Hope Chest organizes A Boy’s Story, A Man’s Memory into thematic sectionsStudent journals correspond with each section and include vocabulary, chapter questions, journal prompts, and a critical thinking arts activity. 

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Excerpt from Book

Provided with permission from the author, Oskar Knoblauch