Library Creatives is a partnership between Scottsdale Public Art and Scottsdale Public Library. This program provides exhibitions and workshops for children, families, and grandparents to engage with the arts while promoting academic achievement and powerful learning experiences. With the library’s place at the center of community and the free access people have to them, this partnership makes the perfect place to show and engage with art.

Creative Videos

Are you an avid collector of memories but don’t know what to do with that giant box of birthday cards? Been meaning to do something with all those sports T-shirts? Do you have a lot of junk mail lying around? Take simple household items such as these and learn how to make your very own “Clutter Quilt” with local artist Heidi Dauphin who will demonstrate how she was inspired to create her piece Great Grandma’s Crazy Quilt Transformed. No prior experience necessary, and it’s fun for all ages!

This activity is in conjunction with Artists’ Breakfast Club, 20 Years, an anniversary exhibition highlighting Arizona artists who regularly meet with the intention of fostering artistic cooperation, mutual support, and community. On display at the Civic Center Public Gallery at Scottsdale Civic Center Library from October 5 – December 31, 2020, you can see the various influences that each artist has on each other, both visually and emotionally.

To learn more visit: Scottsdale Public Library