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Jul 21, 2023 - Apr 15, 2024

Breaking the Binary  

Art is a valuable method for exploring fluidity and self-identity as binary thinking does not fully encompass or express our constantly evolving emotions, ideas, and lived experiences.

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Feb 23 - Apr 28, 2024

Storytelling with Photographs 

Former Major League pitcher Randy Johnson's new photography exhibition, coinciding with the 2024 Spring Training season, showcases images from his travels.

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Jul 21, 2023 - Feb 11, 2024

Coming to Terms

I like it. It’s interesting. It’s beautiful. These are three common responses people have about visual art. However, there are many different potential impacts art can have on us if we ask specifically: how does the artwork make you feel, and how does the artwork make you think?

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May 12 - Aug 6, 2023

Visions ’23

Visions is a year-long invitational visual arts program that has been provided to Valley teens for 24 years. In collaboration with six high schools, students attended monthly workshops conducted by professional artists, toured universities, and connected with exhibitions offered by SMoCA.

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Feb 17 - Jul 9, 2023

Unintended Consequences 

Artists Carolyn Lavender, Monica Aissa Martinez, and Mary Shindell have worked closely together for more than a decade, forming their own artists’ collaborative (#CreatureManNature), and partnering on multiple exhibitions and a blog that has documented their creative processes. However, they have never created a true collaboration where each plays an equal role in the ideation, design, and execution of a single artwork—until now.

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Feb 3 - Oct 1, 2023


Visions students create their first collaborative installation in the ArtReach Space by including text in their artistic practice to communicate their stance on finding unity. 

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Oct 21, 2022 - Jan 20, 2023

Hold on to Hope

Inspired by Holocaust survivor Oskar Knoblauch, Hold on to Hope shines light on the concept of living life, not as a bystander but an “upstander.”

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Sep 23, 2022 - Jan 22, 2023

Uniquely Arizona: Youth Photography Competition

For its premier iteration, the National Society of Arts & Letters (NSAL) Arizona presents its Youth Photography Competition.

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May 13 - Sep 11, 2022

Personal Effects 

In this exhibition of mixed media painting, photography, and sculpture, Chaparral High School photography students taught by Desiree Devirgilio and Pinnacle High School visual art students taught by Kelsey Greenland use meaningful objects, imagery, and colors to express their authentic selves.

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May 13 - Oct 2, 2022

Visions ’22

Visions ’22 showcases skills and inspiration exchanged between students and SMoCA artists during art workshops throughout the school year. Local teaching artists lectured on their professional backgrounds, successes, and barriers while also teaching new art-making techniques and conceptual approaches.

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Jan 21 - May 2, 2022

What Makes Me Me

What Makes Me Me showcases self-portraits created by 35 adults with intellectual or developmental disabilities. The artists are members of The Opportunity Tree and STARS.

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Sep 24, 2021 - May 2, 2022

Spanish Legacies: 75 Years of Spanish Dance in Arizona

Spanish Legacies is a historical exhibition of photographs, videos, and artifacts showcasing how Spanish dance came to existence in Arizona, as told through the stories of four influential dancers.

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Sep 24, 2021 - Jan 9, 2022

Socially Distanced

Socially Distanced highlights work created by 17 artists during the pandemic. These works correlate findings by The Cooperation in the Apocalypse research team at Arizona State University that describes social behaviors during isolation.

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Jun 25 - Sep 5, 2021

A Stitch in Time

A Stitch in Time is a youth exhibition featuring artworks inspired by Diedrick Brackens: ark of bulrushes, currently on view at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art (SMoCA). 

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May 7 - Sep 13, 2021

Visions ’21

The exhibition Visions ’21 showcases skills and inspiration exchanged between students and artists in art workshops throughout the school year. National and international artists lectured on their professional backgrounds, successes, and barriers while also teaching new art-making techniques and themes.

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Apr 16 - Jun 20, 2021

Unity in Hope | Scottsdale Sister Cities Association – Young Artists and Authors Showcase 

Art and writing from local high school students and students from Scottsdale sister cities around the world. 

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Oct 29, 2020 - Apr 11, 2021


Photography from the Boys & Girls Clubs of Greater Scottsdale 

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Oct 29, 2020 - Apr 25, 2021

Viewpoints: How We Understand Art

This exhibition invites you to explore the Viewpoints you tend to use to learn about yourself, to consider other Viewpoints, and, perhaps, to open a conversation with another person about the art they enjoy and value. 

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Jul 17 - Oct 18, 2020

Visions ’20

Visions is a teen program in which students and teachers from five Valley high schools meet monthly at SMoCA for artist-led workshops, studio visits, and gallery discussions.

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Apr 3 - Jul 31, 2020

Scottsdale Sister Cities Association: Young Artists and Authors Showcase

Scottsdale Arts Learning & Innovation's FIRST online exhibition!

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Feb 28 - Aug 2, 2020

Fifty Years of Festivities

As Scottsdale Arts Festival celebrates its 50th anniversary, explore half a century of music, art, and merchandise from the event.

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Jan 17, 2020 - May 6, 2021

i hear what you’re seeing

Experience what a painting might sound like or what sounds could look like.

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Nov 27, 2019 - Feb 16, 2020

After Hours

After Hours highlights the diverse perspectives that inform and drive the daily work of Scottsdale Arts.

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Sep 28, 2019 - Jan 5, 2020

The Close Observation of Inanimate Objects

In the gallery, visitors will have the opportunity to closely observe objects and artworks and draw what they see.

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Aug 16 - Nov 17, 2019

Memory Lounge

Memory Lounge is a program for people living with mild to moderate stages of dementia-related illness and their care partners.

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Apr 4 - Aug 7, 2019

Double Agents of Change

Inspired by a visit to the Double Agents exhibition at Scottsdale Museum of Contemporary Art, North Canyon High School visual art students reflected upon issues important to them and created their own statement pieces by customizing white, cotton T-shirts.

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